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Shanghai International Assembly & handling Technology Exhibition

Hall E1, E2, E3 Shanghai New International Expo Center, July 03-06 2019

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Accompany Programs

EV Engineering 2018

As a part of the AMTS 2018 Accompany Event – EV Engineering & Powertrain Series Forum focuses on the lightweight development and intelligent manufacturing of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles; the intelligent manufacturing solutions of EIC systems in new energy vehicles; and the advanced assembly solutions for the core modules in new energy vehicles. Sharing new technologies and new ideas in the assembly and testing of power lithium batteries and motors. It creates new  opportunities and an efficient business platform for the future automotive power assembly.

The EV Engineering 2018 is one of the core forums of the new energy auto conference series. It will focus on new technologies like lightweight design and multi material car body connection. At the sametime, it addresses the development of new car developers. 


Review  The EV Engineering 2018


EV Engineering & Powertrain Series Forum– EV Engineering 2018 held on 3rd of July, 2018 at Shanghai Pudong Chateau Star River Hotel.

The conference  attracted 25+ system integrators, 250+ senior decision-makers and engineers from the new energy vehicle industry.


Topic Speech


Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion 1: How should first-/second-tier car body connection suppliers work with new energy vehicle factories to innovate the car body connection technology in the future?

Panel Discussion 2: The ratio of different materials in car body structure and their cost control.



The Participants Spoke Highly of the Meeting

This is a good opportunity to learn more about the industry. The speakers are from universities, research institutions, raw materials manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. There are also leading integrators like KUKA. With new technical requirements, new technical exploration and new technical solutions convened at the same location, it is an opportunity for us to learn, communicate and display ourselves.

—— Rui Wang, Senior Welding Manager, R&D, Beijing Chehejia Information Technology


The conference is in a good and orderly atmosphere. The conference issues and the speakers are very pertinent. It offers a very good chance for people in the industry to expand their horizon. This is a platform for everyone to actively share the latest and most advanced knowledge. In addition, I feel that the overall quality of the speakers is good. They are very dedicated and earnest, and I have a lot of gains.

—— Liping Hu, Senior Director, TMKB, Volkswagen (Shanghai)


The atmosphere at the conference is good. I think the overall quality of the speakers at this conference is good. Attending this session brought me some new technologies and some new friends. If time permits, I am willing to attend next year.

—— Yu Zhang, Technical Manager, Welding Processing, Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, Anhui JAC Auto

The atmosphere at the conference is very good. I think the speakers are very professional. Besides, I gained a better understanding of other automotive connection technologies. If time permits, I would like to join the forum next year.

—— Prof. Xueming Hua, Welding and Laser Production Research Institute, School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University 


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